"Making Change Happen
On-Time, On-Target, On-Budget"

      As the consultants Ken Matejka and Al Murphy point out in "Making Change Happen, on Time, on Target, on Budget" (Davies-Black, $28.95), employees tend to resist anything new.
      "In our 30 years of working with organizations to implement change, we have seldom seen the work culture lose a battle," they write of the entrenched work force.
      Their advice is to recognize that resistance is inevitable, to analyze the objections and to attack them systematically by showing employees how they will benefit from the changes.
      The authors also suggest finding the right person to lead the move towards change - someone with credibility and leadership skills. Responsibility needs to rest solely with that person, to avoid any confusion. But this leader must also receive the resources and authority needed to carry out the plan.
Of course, the fact that you may need to read four books to cobble together a strategy shows that the process, even if simplified, is still not a breeze.

Article appeared in the New York Times, Sunday, August 7, 2005

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