"There is no team until everyone has been heard."
                                                Unknown Native American

Team Building Within Teams

A team leader and team members need to be clear and in agreement on topics like: purpose and goals; individual contribution and responsibilities; how decisions will be made; etc. Teamwork is not about chemisty and relationships exclusively. My team building program has participants work on the six basic ingredients for effectiveness.

Team Building Between Teams

Organizations of size typically structure work among mutiple teams. If work teams depend on one another to be successful, teamwork is required. My team building program has teams that are in conflict work on cooperation and coordination agreements.

While teamwork might be a more satisfying way to work for some people … the real importance of teamwork is found in an organization’s ability to mobilize its resources to satisfy the marketplace … be assured, customers do not care about internal politics, turfs or individual careers … teamwork is a necessary ingredient to high performance, successful competition and the full use of human resource capabilities.

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